Mesh Pool Fence vs Iron Pool Fence

So, you’ve decided that you are going to install a pool fence in Phoenix. That’s great! This is one of the most important steps you can take to create a safe environment around your pool. As long as your mesh pool fence or iron pool fence is installed correctly and used correctly – the gates are kept shut – it can provide you with valuable security and peace of mind. You still need to be smart and take other safety precautions, of course, but a pool fence is a great starting point toward building a secure environment.

Before that fence goes up, you’ll need to decide what material you would like to use. The two main players in the pool fence market are mesh and iron. Each can make a great selection, so you’ll have to do a bit of homework before settling on the right one for your needs. We’d like to give you a head start on that homework by offering some basic information on the topic. By the end of this article, the decision you need to make on mesh vs iron pool fence should be a bit easier.

The Case for Mesh Fence

You have probably seen a mesh pool fence before, even if you didn’t think much of it at the time. These are popular types of pool fences, for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of the key benefits to choosing mesh in this debate.

mesh pool safety fencing in Peoria

Removable mesh pool fence wrapped around pool – Peoria, AZ.

  • It is removable – Perhaps the biggest positive to be listed here is that a mesh pool fence is typically installed in a way that makes it easy to remove when not in use. So, for example, you may have this fence installed around your residential home, so it can be used as a barrier to keep kids or pets away from the water. However, if your kids are going to be away and you are going to have a party with only adults, you may wish to take down the fence to open up the space. That will be a simple task with a mesh pool fence.
  • Cost-effective – In most cases, a mesh pool fence will be less expensive than an iron pool fence. When on a tight budget, opting for mesh may be the right decision. Of course, it is still important to purchase a quality product, and a cheap mesh fence may not be able to do the job it was meant to do.
  • Visual appeal – For some people, a mesh fence looks more visually attractive than an iron fence. This is definitely a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, however. You’ll have to decide for yourself which of these two options looks better on your property.

There is a lot to like about choosing mesh for your pool fence material. You will likely save money as compared to iron, you may prefer the look, and a quality mesh fence will stand up nicely even during our hot Phoenix summers here in Arizona .

The Case for Wrought Iron Fencing

Before you run out and purchase your mesh pool fence, take a moment to consider what iron has to bring to this discussion.

Iron pool fence in Arizona

  • Sturdy construction – As you might suspect, using iron for your pool fence will result in a rather robust barrier. When installed correctly, an iron fence is going to be virtually impossible for a child to go through – although climbing the fence may be a possibility, depending on its design. It will be important to monitor the condition of the fence over time to make sure rust has not compromised its strength.
  • Visual appeal – Yes, we are listing this point again here, as some people will feel that iron pool fences provide a better look than mesh. Take some time to look at photos of each type of fence to decide where you come down on this debate.
  • Coordinate with other landscape features – It’s unlikely that you are using mesh anywhere else in your landscape design, so a mesh fence will probably stand out in your yard. On the other hand, you may have some other iron in use, such as for a gate along the side of your house. That means you might be able to coordinate this iron pool fence nicely with other features, tying together your overall landscape nicely.

Coming to a Conclusion

We are not going to be able to determine a winner for you in the matter of mesh vs iron pool fence. Simply put, they can both work nicely in the right situation. For most pool fence buyers here in Phoenix, AZ, the goal is to add safety to the space while maintaining visual appeal at the same time. That can be accomplished with a mesh pool fence, and an iron pool fence can do the job, as well. Take some time to examine these two options more closely and the right one for your needs will likely become clear.

5 Tips for a Cleaner Safer Pool this Summer

5 Tips for a Cleaner Safer Pool this Summer

Having lived in Phoenix for the past 40+ years, I have come to appreciate the beginning of Summer here in the valley. As a child, the heat never bothered me. Certainly was not something I thought about much. Back then, for me, summers ment no school and lots of time in the pool playing with friends. As I grew older, I recall starting to dread summer time in Arizona. Being a young adult, summers ment long blistering hot days working outside; pouring sweat, sunburns, and working with pool fence materials and tools too hot to touch.

Summer Time in Phoenix AZ

Today, I still find myself working outside installing pool fences a few days a week throughout the Phoenix valley. However, the onset of summer has a whole new meaning for me these days. Long hot summer days signal bountiful work, at least in the pool safety barrier trade, and the warmth and light from the sun acts as a disinfectant helping to cleanse our soul and prepare us for another year. Additionally, summer also means ample time in the pool cooling off and spending quality time with family and friends. Because our swimming pool sees a lot of action during the summer months, like most of yours do as well, I have put together a list of pool preparation tasks to get your Arizona summer started off on the right foot.

#1 – Pool Equipment Check

Task number one is verifying all your pool equipment is functional and ready to handle the stress of summer. First, clean out the debris basket on the pool pump, the pool skimmer, and check any other filters or baskets to ensure they are free of any debris. Clean filters ensure water can move freely through the system. Additionally, plant matter left in the filters will quickly breakdown and become a source for dirty water and chemical imbalance. Next, make sure your pool pump is working as it should. Start it up and check for the following:

  • listen for any odd noises
  • look for any leaks
  • confirm pump is able to prime and cycle water through the system

Pool Pump in Phoenix backyard

With the pump running, verify your in-floor pop-up cleaning system is working, or your vacuum, whichever you use to keep your pool clean. Do you have a water leveler? If so, you can manually check the float to verify water fills the pool when the float is pressed down indicating a low water level. Next, take a quick look at the sand filter, if applicable, to ensure there is an adequate amount of sand and that it looks clean. Finally, check that your pool light turns on and off, and test any GFCI receptacle to ensure they trip and reset as expected.

#2 – Pool Fence Barrier Inspection

You had to anticipate a task involving pool fencing since I’m in the business of selling and installing pool fences. Therefore, our next task is, yes, you guessed it, inspect your pool fence. You first want to ensure your gate is functioning. Your pool gate should self-close and self-latch.

Tan Pool Fence in Arizona

Test these two functions by opening the gate 4 to 5 inches and then letting it close on its own. If it doesn’t latch, your gate needs an adjustment. We are happy to come out to adjust your pool gate if necessary. Secondly, you will want to inspect all the sections of pool fence to look for any loose poles, tears in the mesh, or other damage that could allow a child or pet to gain access to the pool area. If problems are found, fix these immediately. To summarize, look for the following:

  • Gate will self-close and self-latch
  • No loose poles
  • No tears in mesh fence
  • No gaps along fence border

Lastly, if you don’t currently have a safety pool fence, have one installed. I know a guy that’ll give you a great deal and ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your pool fence installation. Don’t wait, give us a call today!

#3 – Test Water Quality

Grab your water test kit, or do what I do, and take a bottle of pool water to your local pool service store and ask them to test it for you. Knowing how many gallons of water is in your pool will help determine quantities of any chemicals that need added. Check your existing chemical stash and stock up on anything you know will get used up over the next few months. I always have plenty of chlorine tablets, pool acid, and pH balancer. A few bags of shock are always nice to have after a full weekend of kids in the pool or a nasty dust storm decides to blow every leaf from your neighbor’s tree into your pool. Take this time to check your water level and perform a backwash to remove any debris caught up in your sand filter.

#4 – Review Pool Safety Plan

Another important task is to review pool safety rules with your family. Furthermore, ensure your safety equipment is readily available and functional. For example, have a life preserver outside near the pool, and easily accessible. You certainly don’t want this life saving device jammed in the bottom of a toy box tangling up in volleyball net. Make it available and easy for anyone to find and use quickly. Next, set some guidelines for your children to abide by whenever in the pool or near the pool. A few useful rules for just the pool fence alone should be:

  • Close and latch the pool fence gate after each use. Never assume it closed on its own.
  • Don’t prop open the pool gate preventing it from closing on its own.
  • No climbing or hanging on the pool fence.
  • Report any fence or gate damage immediately to an adult.

In addition to those pool fence safety rules, there are plenty more common sense safety guidelines that everyone should adhere to. For instance, no running, no head-first diving, and no swimming without proper supervision.

#5 – Pool Toys Inspection

You’re doing something wrong if you don’t have any toys to enjoy while in your pool. Take this time to air up your rafts, volleyballs, and beach balls. Ensure your water guns are in working order, and stock up on more noodles if necessary. Make sure the straps on your goggles are functioning, and the kids arm floaties are ready for action.

Basketball pool toy

With these 5 tasks taken care of, you can rest assured knowing your pool experience this summer will be an enjoyable one. Remember, this is just a preparation to-do list, you will want to stay on top of your maintenance all summer long to keep the pool clean and ready for your next backyard bash. Happy swimming and be safe!

Understanding the Cost of a Mesh Pool Fence in Phoenix

Understanding the Cost of a Mesh Pool Fence in Phoenix

As you may already know, a mesh pool fence is one of the most effective pool safety solutions you can install on your property around your swimming pool. If you have a pool in your backyard – as so many of us do in the Phoenix area – you need to make sure the area around the pool is secure for the safety of both children and pets. While no solution is completely foolproof, putting a physical barrier between the pool and the kiddos is one of the best ways to keep everyone safe.

Unfortunately, many pool owners decide against installing a pool fence simply because of the cost. Or, more accurately, they assume that the mesh pool fence cost in Phoenix is too high, so they don’t look into it any further. If those homeowners would take the step to contact a pool fence installer, such as Far From Average, they would find that the total bill for this type of project does not hit the heights they may expect. Many pool owners are happy to learn that installing a quality mesh pool fence doesn’t actually have to take a huge bite out of the budget.

What does a Mesh Pool Fence Cost?

In most cases, there are two costs to consider when installing a pool fence – the cost of the materials, and the cost of having the fence installed by a professional. While it is possible for some homeowners to handle the installation on a DIY basis, most will choose to have the work done by a professional. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that the professional installers have plenty of experience, but you’ll also save time when going this route.

When all is said and done, the typical mesh pool fence cost in Phoenix doesn’t rise that far beyond $1,000. Considering the safety that this product can bring to your home for years to come, this price tag seems more than reasonable. Of course, as is always the case with a construction project, your actual cost will vary depending on your needs. If you have a particularly large pool and need a longer fence, for example, the cost will be higher. Also, tricky terrain or the need for multiple gates can add on to the cost of the job.

Family playing in swimming pool on raft

Don’t Delay, Install Your Pool Fence Today!

You never know when a pool fence is going to make a difference in terms of keeping your loved ones safe. Rather than putting this task off for some date in the future, make it a point to have your pool fence installed as soon as possible. Here at Far From Average, we have the experience, knowledge, and a full line of quality pool fence products to help you check this task off your to-do list. Let us be your mesh pool fence installer in the Phoenix. We will be able to complete your job quickly, allowing you to get back to enjoying your pool with family and friends as soon as possible.

The average mesh pool fence cost in Phoenix is rather modest when you consider the kind of protection it will provide for your children and pets. Even if you have owned a pool for years without installing a fence, it is never too late to add this valuable security feature.  Call us today to schedule your free estimate.

Why You Should Have a Pool Fence in Arizona

Why You Should Have a Pool Fence in Arizona

Arizona is one of the hottest states in the country. According to 24/7 Wall St., Phoenix is the hottest city in the United States, seeing an annual average of 169 days with temperatures at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more. During July, the daily average high in Phoenix is 106.1 degrees. The only other city that even comes close to Phoenix’s numbers is also in Arizona: Tucson, with an annual average of 146 days at or above 90 degrees. Other major cities in Arizona—Scottsdale, Peoria, and Gilbert—are relatively scorching as well.

The heat can scare some people away from Arizona, but it’s incredibly beautiful here. The deserts are marvelous to behold, the Grand Canyon is a true world wonder, the pizza and wine are to die for, and there’s no need to worry about Daylight Savings Time since it isn’t observed. There’s plenty to love about living in Arizona—especially if you can find a way to beat the heat in the summertime.

mesh pool safety fencing in Peoria

Removable mesh pool fence wrapped around pool – Peoria, AZ.

Suffice to say there is a reason that many homeowners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Gilbert, and throughout Arizona invest in having swimming pools in their backyard. Nothing feels better than cooling off in the water on a hot Arizona afternoon. For parents, especially, swimming pools can be a terrific way to keep the kids comfortable and entertained at the same time. If you are going to have a swimming pool, though, you’re also going to need a pool fence.

Pool Fence Laws in Arizona

Having a mesh pool fence in Phoenix or an iron pool fence in Gilbert is more than just a personal choice. Indeed, in many situations, pool fencing is a matter of law.

In Arizona, residential pool enclosures are required in households with one or more children younger than the age of six. The pool fence must:

  • Entirely enclose the pool area
  • Be at least five feet tall at all points
  • Have no substantial openings or gaps (except doors or gates)
  • Have no exterior footholds that make the fence easy to climb
  • Be situated at least 20 inches from the water’s edge at all points

These rules are applicable if you have a standalone pool fence in Peoria, Tucson, or any other area in Arizona. In some cases, homeowners may also design the pool enclosure so that it is bound on one or more sides by the residence itself. In such cases, pool fencing is still mandated by law, but the specific requirements are a bit different. Read up on Phoenix Arizona’s pool fencing laws in more detail.

Other Reasons to Install Pool Fencing

If there is not a child younger than six in your home, then you are not required by law to have a pool fence. However, there are still several good reasons to have a mesh pool fence in Phoenix in Scottsdale.

Pool Safety Fence in Peoria, Arizona

Young baby sits in the opening of the safety fence near a swimming pool.

The first reason is liability protection. Just because you don’t have a child who is six years old or younger doesn’t mean that your neighbors don’t. For young kids, pools are “attractive nuisances.” It’s not uncommon for kids to be drawn to swimming pools. The risk of an unsupervised child wandering into your yard, climbing into your swimming pool, and drowning because he or she can’t swim is just not worth it. In addition to the tragic loss of life, you could be held liable for the child’s death in a lawsuit. Doing your part and putting up pool fencing around your swimming pool is the best way to prevent this kind of tragedy.

Another reason is privacy. A swimming pool can be central to your backyard oasis: not only a great place to cool off but also a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy some alone time. You don’t want passersby wondering too close, or neighbors breaking the spell of your relaxation. The right Scottsdale pool fence can provide a good privacy barrier, as well as a safety one.

Finally, pool fences can add aesthetic beauty to your swimming pool area. A pool fence in Gilbert can be a pleasant, elegant complement to both the pool and your yard’s landscaping.

Invest in Pool Fencing Today

Are you looking for a new pool fence in Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, or Gilbert? Our company can provide you with a high-quality mesh iron solution. Give us a call today to learn more.

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