Phoenix Pool Fence Laws

Effective Date

1990 for all new pools or modified pools.
1991 retroactively for existing pools.

Pool Fence Law Applies To

All new pools. All existing pools where children under 6 occupy the home.

Pool Fence Options

Pool fencing or walls. Key operated, motorized safety covers. Self-closing/latching rear doors.

Pool Fence Standards
  • 5 foot minimum (4 ft. fences existing prior to May 4, 1990 are grandfathered in).
  • No gaps or openings larger than 4 inches. Horizontal bars must have a minimum separation of 45 inches.
  • Wire mesh pool fence or chain link fence shall have a maximum opening of 1-3/4 inches measured horizontally.
Pool Fence Gate & Latch Standards
  • 5 foot minimum height.
  • Pool fence latch Must be self-closing & self-latching & lockable. Latches a minimum of 54 inches above ground.
  • Must open outward away from pool.
  • Pool fence gates over 4 feet must be padlocked if not self-closing/latching.
Windows & Doors with access to Pool area
  • Bedroom windows equipped with latch must be 54 inches above floor.
  • Other windows latched or secured to prevent opening more than 4 inches may be used or screwed-inplace wire mesh screen.
  • Windows less than 60 inches above pool deck and within 5 feet of waters edge must be tempered glass.
  • Doors: self-closing and self-latching with latch at least 54 inches above floor. No pet doors allowed.
Who is responsible for Pool Fence

Pool owner.

Exemptions from needing a Pool Fence

Spas and hot tubs 8 feet or less in diameter provided they have an approved safety cover. Above ground pools. Existing pools where children under the age of 6 do not occupy the residence.