Pool Safety Covers

There is no such thing as too much safety as far as a pool is concerned – especially when you have children living in your home, or children who frequently visit your home. Of course, one of the best starting points for Arizona pool safety is a pool fence, which hopefully you have already installed. However, once your fence is up, there is still more than you can do to guard against accidents. Specifically, you can have a pool safety cover or net installed to greatly reduce the chances of a young child ending up in the water while unsupervised.

Add a Protective Layer

Adding a pool cover or net is a great option because they offer a physical barrier between the child and the water itself. In the child is somehow able to access the pool despite the presence of a fence – for example, if the gate is left open by accident – there will be another layer of protection in place for your peace of mind. When a pool net or cover is properly installed and maintained, there will be nearly no way for a child (or a pet) to physically reach the water. Redundancy is important in any safety system, and that is exactly what you will have when you combine a quality Arizona pool fence with a safety net or cover.

All Winter Long

If your pool sits mostly unused during the winter months, you will appreciate the safety that is provided to your property by the presence of a pool cover or net. You can not only work to keep children away from the water with this product, but you can also keep animals away from the pool as well. When spring and summer roll back around, your pool should be ready for many more months of safe fun and excitement.

Net with a View

Should you decide that you want to be able to see the beautiful water inside your pool while you are protecting it at the same time, a pool safety net is the way to go. The next will guard against children and pets entering the water when they aren’t supposed to, but you can still see right through to the shiny blue surface. Swimming pools offer a great aesthetic element to any property, and you won’t lose that advantage when you choose a safety pool net from Far From Average of Arizona.

Keep Things Clean

Do you get tired of having to clean out your pool prior to each use? This is one of the most-common complaints among pool owners – which is why a safety pool cover is a great idea. In addition to its safety benefits, this kind of cover also helps to keep leaves and other debris out of the water. By completely covering the pool while not in use, you can simply remove the cover to find a pool full of beautiful water that is ready for a swim!

To learn more about our ASTM tested and certified products, and to request a free quote, please feel free to contact Far From Average of Arizona right away. Thank you for your time!